Planning and historic building consultancy, specialising in listed buildings and conservation areas


The services detailed below can be commissioned as stand alone projects or elements of each service may be drawn upon to provide a bespoke package for a client. Through discussion with the client we gain a clear understanding of what is required enabling us to recommend what services are needed, we then provide a detailed contract listing what work will be undertaken, what the fee will be and how long the work will take. During the course of the work we maintain regular contact with the client to report on progress and get feedback as required

Design Qualifications in architecture, building conservation, urban design and planning, alongside extensive experience, provide the skills to analyse what changes would be appropriate for a building, what changes would satisfy the client’s needs and what changes would be likely to gain approval from the Local Planning Authority. Proposed schemes are hand drawn to a high quality that is suitable for planning applications, marketing material and as a base for construction drawings. Heritage Vision offers a full design and planning service
We are happy to support or become part of a design team. Our design skills can help to improve the appearance of a property, optimise the use of space, help changes to be accommodated and maximise the value of property. With all design work, the need to gain the necessary permissions for the proposal is the paramount consideration. Realistic assessment of the likelihood of a scheme gaining the necessary approvals will be provided at the earliest stage.

Survey Two types of survey are provided, measured survey and historic analysis survey:

  • Measured survey- Key to good, ‘buildable’ design proposals is an accurate building survey, particularly for historic buildings, as a full assessment of the building’s fabric will add greatly to the understanding of its history. Surveys are generally carried out in-house however if the building is extensive or a topographical survey is required, an associate surveying company, in agreement with the client, is commissioned.
  • Historic analysis survey- A building itself is the best archive of its history. Whether as a freestanding piece of work to satisfy an owner’s interest or as a study to inform and support proposed alterations to a building, the consultancy undertakes building fabric surveys to uncover the history of a building.

Research In addition to observation of the building to help understand its history, archive research is invaluable. The consultancy has extensive experience of archive research: Heritage Vision provides archive research for historic buildingsuse of information found in census data, tithe and estate maps, estate papers, local directories, early OS maps and old newspapers brings to life the history of a building and its setting. This information along with direct observation of the building is used to create an historic analysis report for a building. Planning and Conservation Officers are increasingly seeking these types of reports as an integral part of planning, listed building and conservation area applications. The information in the report directs and helps to justify proposals.

Statements A key part of the consultancy’s work is providing supporting statements: Design and Access Statements, Heritage Statements and Justification Statements for applications and Appeal Statements and Objection Statements. We have a high success rate with applications, appeals and objections, we put this down to the quality of our statements; they are thoroughly researched, clearly presented and well illustrated.

Applications The way that a scheme is presented to a local planning authority for approval is very important to its success. All of the information required must be provided in a logical, easy to comprehend manner. The benefits of a scheme need to be highlighted and the proposal must be fully justified. How the proposal complies with legislation, policy and guidance must be explained. The consultancy has a very good understanding of how best to present and manage applications resulting in a record of swift, successful application determinations.

Heritage Vision will support your planning project after approvalPost Approval After approval we provide support in taking the project forward. Whether the project is to be marketed or if the works are to be implemented, we have a network of associates that enable us to put the ideal team in place for a client.